Bell 205 and Bell UH-1 STCs & Upgrades

With the acquisition of Heli-Trade in 2012, the renowned expert in aftermarket improvements for the Bell 205 and Bell UH-1 series helicopters, Hillsboro Aviation offers a complete line of innovative upgrades. Our STC upgrades improve performance, reliability and safety while also reducing operational costs.

In addition to offering STCs for sale, Hillsboro Aviation supports Bell Flight owners and operators with parts sales and maintenance capabilities as a Bell Flight light and medium Customer Service Facility.


212 Rotor System

Increases blade retirement life by 60%.


T53-17A/B Engine

Greatly increases performance in hot/high/heavy conditions.


Nine Passenger

When combined with T53-17A/B Engine and 212 Rotor System STCs, provides for fully converting and operating in a nine passenger configuration.


T53 Engine Wash Kit

Fully contained, “hot-fired” wash system for T53 engines.


Centrisep® Particle Separator

Continuous engine protection. Eliminates filters and lowers maintenance costs.


Vertical Reference Door

Enables pilot to safely monitor aircraft and engine systems while maintaining unobstructed view of the sling load.


Left Hand Pilot-In-Command

Allows for PIC operations from the left or right seat.


Howell EGT/MGT Indicator/Monitor System

Indicates both critical engine performance parameters and usage monitoring for trend analysis.


Manual Start Fuel Switch

Provides option to manually control fuel flow during start reducing potential for hot or hung starts.


Dual Electric Boost Pump

Eliminates need to drain fuel tanks when changing filter.

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