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The Hillsboro Aviation Experience

We are passionate purveyors of aviation. Not because we like rotor blades or physics or thrill. We like it because it’s intangible. Because of its ability to draw us in and capture our imaginations. Aviation is, at its core, rich with possibility: a dream born of the unknown, demanding innovative thought, creativity, and intent, its allure rooted in the promise of a dream.

We are the children who dreamt of running at speeds that morphed into flight. The children who stared at half-faded, sepia-toned photos of our grandfathers leaning on the wings of their P-51 Mustangs. The children who rejected “average” and “normal” and “should” and instead reached for the sky.

We come from different backgrounds. Speak different languages. Hold different belief systems. But we are all born of the same thirst for more. More knowledge. More unchartered territory. More self-discovery. And from these differences emerge our creativity and curiosity, our determination and grit. Whatever the terrain, the seed was planted, and it grew. Grew into this indescribable, larger-than-life love affair with the one thing that beckons that six-year-old self, calling “fly with me.”

And fly we do. We stretch our imaginations. We feed our spirit of adventure with the idea that knowledge is not finite. We search for living proof that expanse and innovation and creativity are not exhausted. And in that search, we find flight.

Our passion is rooted in the dream of what we do, the people we do it with, and the people we do it for. We celebrate the promise of an experience unrestricted by tradition and norms.

Most businesses are founded upon complex philosophies. Hillsboro Aviation is not like most businesses. Our approach is simple: treat clients, their needs, and their budgets as if they were our own.

It’s an experience that’s helped us grow since 1980. It’s an experience that’s helped us build long-term relationships. It’s an experience that keeps us on the forefront of the global aviation community. And it’s an experience that redefines the industry.

For our team, our customers, and our community –

This is the Hillsboro Aviation experience.


Our Promise

It’s simple, really. We want you to feel like we’ve anticipated your every need and over-delivered on every expectation. This isn’t just about our commitment to quality products and the highest level of customer service; it’s about the honesty of a handshake and the pride of giving our word. It’s about doing business with integrity and it’s about you feeling safe and well-taken care of. That’s our promise.


Our Mission

We believe in redefining the aviation experience. It’s about the extraordinary moments. It’s about empowering our team, our customers, and the community to make their mark. It’s about embodying a relationship-first philosophy. It’s about seizing opportunities to listen, learn, and make a positive impact. It’s about integrity and doing the right thing.

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