Representing Buyers and Sellers

Since 1980, we’ve purchased and sold over 1,000 aircraft ranging from single and multi-engine piston aircraft to business turboprops and corporate business jets. Representing buyers and sellers, we provide brokerage services and have the resources to purchase trade-in aircraft for inventory resale.

Our Services

  • Consignment | Brokerage
  • Appraisals
  • International shipping
  • Comprehensive service center
  • Pilot services

Acquisition & Sales Assistance

  • Inspections
  • Financing | Insurance
  • Trade-ins


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While Hillsboro Aviation doesn't provide direct financing for aircraft purchases, we work with several companies that provide a variety of financing options for our customers. We strive to make your aircraft purchase as simple and seamless as it can be. Contact us for more information.


We work with customers who are looking to consign and/or trade-in late-model helicopters and airplanes from both North American and international markets.


Our expert technicians will work with you to inspect and appraise aircraft prior to purchase and can also provide a variety of technical evaluations. We can appraise aircraft throughout the globe that are pre-owned or newly manufactured. We also maintain a detailed understanding of the current worldwide marketplace to help you locate your next aircraft.

Aircraft Sales & Management

Purchase. Sell. Manage.

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