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New Cessna Airplanes For Sale

Cessna TTx

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Limited Time Incentives

  • Credits for first two annual inspections, up to $5000 each
  • Extended airframe warranty from 2 to 3 years
  • Extended Garmin warranty from 2 to 4 years (select serial numbers)

Conventional has never been your style. Limitations need not apply. You’ve arrived where you are not by fortuitous chance, but by controlling the variables within your grasp. And as the world moves forward, you need to control more. You have the skills and experience; you’re now ready to experience the next level in high-performance flight.

When you fly a TTx ™, you are not only going as fast as a fixed-gear aircraft can take you. You’re also flying much farther – under standard, no wind conditions, fly up to 1,250 nm (2,315 km). And with a BiO2™ four-place built-in oxygen system, you and your passengers can enjoy the breathtaking view from above in complete comfort and safety.

Side-stick controls for precise, single-pivot-point control. A Garmin G2000 glass cockpit for full, leading-edge situational awareness. The Garmin GTC 570 fully integrated touchscreen system for, well, absolute control. This is the level of awareness and ability to act upon it that you’ve always dreamed of in an aircraft. All standard in the TTx ™.

View the Cessna TTx product brochure.

As the Northwest's Authorized Sales Representative for single engine piston aircraft, Hillsboro Aviation is proud to offer the full line of Cessna piston airplanes. With their proven experience, reliability and a diverse product line, Cessna has an airplane to meet your needs.

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