Max Lyons Hillsboro Aviation

Max Lyons


Max’s passion for flight began as a teenager while working for Evergreen Helicopters and extended into his position as a ground crew member under S-64 Skycranes in 1974. With dual ratings in rotor wing and fixed wing, including commercial instrument rotor wing, instrument fixed wing, and multiengine seaplane, Max’s flight history includes flight instruction, aerial firefighting, search and rescue, offshore oil exploration, aerial survey, and an array of various utility operations.

Max’s career with Hillsboro Aviation began in 1983 when he joined Hillsboro Helicopters as a helicopter student. After completing his helicopter training, Max served as a flight instructor and pilot flying turbine helicopters on utility missions. Max took over management of Hillsboro Helicopters in 1992 before purchasing the company in 1997.

Max is an avid traveler, pilot, and family man. When not at work, you can find him flying his Lockwood Aircam in the San Juan Islands, fixing up his 1938 Indian, and spending time with his wife, daughters, Miniature Dachshund, Sam, and Australian Shepherd, Quinn.