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FreeFlight Systems RA-4000

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Product Features:

  • TSO-certified RA-4000 Radar Altimeter provides today’s pilots with highly accurate and reliable above-ground-level (AGL) information
  • Real-time system enhances operational safety during approaches, nighttime operations and hazardous flight above rough terrain
  • RA-4000 is especially valuable when flying search and rescue missions, forestry operations, pipeline maintenance, off shore helicopter ops, aero-medical emergency services, border patrol and electronic news gathering operations
  • Designed to be easily integrated with electronic flight information systems (EFIS), flight director systems and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS), possessing serial inputs
  • Offers improved situational awareness for a broad range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Designed for applications where accuracy is needed down to zero feet, such as helicopter and seaplane operations, provides precise AGL information from 2000 feet down to ground level