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Reiff Preheat Systems

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Preheating can save you big money by reducing the damage caused by cold starts, by extending your engine's life and reducing your expense at overhaul time. If you extend the life of your $20-30,000 engine just 10% our system will have paid for itself several times. Lycoming and Continental Operator's Manuals mandate preheating at cold temperatures.

Product features:

  • Increased safety because old starting and inadequate preheating can and has caused in-flight engine failures
  • Often preheating is the only way to get a cold engine started, because cold engines are stiff, cold fuel doesn't vaporize well, and spark plugs frost
  • Easier starting saves your starter and battery
  • Reduces costly warm-up and run-up time, which wastes your engine and fuel
  • Increased utility of your airplane during cold winter months