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Artex ME406 Series

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Product features:

  • With a weight of two pounds it is the lightest, smallest and least expensive 406 MHz ELT on the market
  • Transmits on 121.5 and 406.028 MHz
  • Mechanical footprint is compatible with all Artex and some other ELT manufacturers’ products footprints
  • Single antenna output feeding a wire whip or a rod antenna depending on the aircraft speed
  • Available with a single G-switch for fixed wing applications and has a helicopter model (HM) with a multi-axis G-switch which will enable the ELT to activate regardless of how the helicopter impacts

One of the latest versions of the ME406 is the ME406 ACE. The "ACE" (Absolute Cost Efficiency) incorporates a remote switch design that allows retrofitting currently installed ACK C91a installations with hardly any alterations on the instrument panel and is capable of reusing the wiring harness of the installed ELT. This reduces the installation cost and upgrade to 406 MHz ELT technology for the aircraft owner.

The ME406/P (portable) is using the proven technology of the ME406 and adding a wrap-around flexible antenna to the system. This allows the removal of the ELT from a downed aircraft while transmitting with full signal strength to reach the COSPAS-SARSAT satellites.