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Airplane and Helicopter Pilots

Why Choose Us?

Hillsboro Aviation has achieved many milestones in our 34-year history. Here are some of the significant accomplishments that make us a leader in the industry.

  • The CAAC (Chinese government) approved Hillsboro Aviation to conduct both airplane and helicopter training.
  • The Airline Pilot Association of Taiwan chose Hillsboro Aviation as its premier location to train.
  • The Japan Aviation Academy chose Hillsboro Aviation as their exclusive pilot-training school.
  • Shanghai Airlines chose Hillsboro Aviation to train its pilots.
  • China Eastern Airlines chose Hillsboro Aviation to train its pilots.
  • Air China chose Hillsboro Aviation to train its pilots.
  • Luftfartsskolen School of Aviation in Norway chose Hillsboro Aviation to train its pilots.
  • Hillsboro Aviation is consistently rated in the top 11 worldwide for Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) schools.
  • Hillsboro Aviation has trained thousands of pilots from over 75 countries.
  • Hillsboro Aviation's partnership with Integrated Surveillance and Defense Inc.(ISD) enhances the international installation capabilities of both companies and expands our product lines to meet any customer's specific requirements.
  • Hillsboro Aviation's aircraft sales division has sold over 1,000 aircraft.
  • Hillsboro Aviation is consistently rated in the top 10 worldwide for Cessna single-engine airplane sales.
  • Hillsboro Aviation is a U.S. leader in helicopter sales.
  • PTES (Cessna's single-engine piston airplane and Robinson helicopter dealer in China) chose Hillsboro Aviation as its U.S. aviation partner.
  • Cobham (Chelton) chose Hillsboro Aviation as its first EFIS dealership.
  • The Chicago Police Department chose Hillsboro Aviation as its completion shop for the department's helicopter fleet.
  • Hillsboro Aviation has IS-BAO Stage 1 accreditation.
  • Hillsboro Aviation's Mount St. Helens tour program is a member of Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS).
  • Hillsboro Aviation has logged over 1,100,000 flight hours in our 34-year history.