If all our friends jumped off a bridge, we’d fly off.

For forty years, we’ve been doing things a little differently.

Putting people over profit. Quality over quantity. And never settling for less than extraordinary.

We only get this one life. Forty years in, that’s never been more clear. So let’s take a moment to remember the extraordinary.

Sunsets. Sunrises. Old friends. Good relationships. Promises made. Promises kept. Trust earned. Freedom. Making every moment count, no matter the cost.

It’s a different perspective than most businesses. But it’s always been ours.

So yeah, if all our friends jumped off a bridge, we’d fly off instead. When others run from the flames, we fly into the smoke. And in a world that consistently looks down, we choose to look up.

Maybe we’re chasing after the wind. But that’s what flying is all about.

Here’s to forty.

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