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Oregon scenic


Airplane Owner with ADS-B Installation

I found the ADS-B traffic display on the instrument panel and the iPad to be a great early warning system to the PIC. Long before I came within visual range of proximity traffic, I could see it displayed in my hockey puck and could preliminarily determine whether the traffic would pose a risk…. I could have easily vectored myself away from the traffic without ATC assistance, because I could see its position, altitude, direction of travel, and groundspeed…I have never felt so airworthy during the 21 years that I have owned my plane.

Phil and Sheryl Jones, S35 Bonanza Owners with ADS-B Installation

We recently decided to upgrade our 1964 Bonanza avionics panel with the inclusion of ADS-B out and in technology. Chris made it easy and swapped out our Garmin 530W giving us credit towards a GTN 750 and GDL 88. Chris and his team at Hillsboro Aviation then undertook a challenging installation with many complications and did the work in a timely and professional manner. Chris did an excellent job with installation as well as providing ongoing support and troubleshooting. After flying with our new avionics for a couple of months we are very pleased with everything - what a transformation!

Hillsboro Aviation - Sedona Helicopter Tour Customer

We had a wonderful time on the tour. The staff was excellent and dedicated to safety. The pilot was very knowledgable and entertaining. This was my third trip...I never get tired of experiencing it over and over.

Pre-Owned Aircraft Purchase Customer

We just returned home in our new airplane after about 20 hours of flying (bucked a 5-15 kt head wind the entire way). We absolutely love this plane! I wanted to thank you so much for such a great experience. This is the first plane we have purchased, and we’re completely pleased with the entire experience. Tom, Hillsboro Aviation’s sales manager, and the entire team were such a great help through it all. - Aaron & Cherie

Satisfied Cessna Skycatcher Aircraft Sales Customer

I just completed the purchase of a Cessna 162 Skycatcher. During the transaction, I encountered a group of professionals both within the direct Textron/Cessna organization and your outside support  and sales system for which you can truly be proud. Despite my propensity to live up to my reputation, at every turn this group stepped up to complete the transaction with exemplary communications, integrity and accommodation. I was out of the country during a large chunk of the time it took to complete the deal. Never the less, even with several technical glitches, they were able to get it done. The extra mile - nay I should say miles - these individuals went to make things happen made even me feel a little guilty. I want to offer my express thanks to you and more particularly to your team in the trenches:

  • Brett Palmero - Cessna NW Business Development
  • Luis Acosta - Cessna Demo Pilot
  • Jim Roth - Cessna Regional Sales Director
  • Tom Dalquist - Hillsboro Aviation, Hillsboro, OR (A very special thank you and high five to Tom.)
  • Mike Pickett - PAVCO Aviation, Tacoma Narrows Airport

Mark Morgans, The Campbell Group, LLC

The flight service that Hillsboro Aviation provided for our forest tour today was simply incredible. Your crew was very professional and exceeded our expectations.

Thank you very much and your service which added significantly to our ability to have a successful event today. It's a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Please share our appreciation with everyone involved.


Jeff Linquist, The Campbell Group, LLC

Thank you very much for the excellent service yesterday. Your company was well represented and made a seemingly logistical nightmare appear flawless. Nuno and Mike did an incredible job flying and were a pleasure to work with. Cordell and the other loader coordinated the tour of over 60 people inside our time window. The helicopter ride was the highlight of the day for those of our guests who participated. I cannot emphasize enough how well your crew performed yesterday. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Chris Ryan, Chris Ryan Photography

I was hired yesterday by a NY publication to make some aerial photos of an area near Sheridan, Ore. I called Hillsboro Aviation, got a good quote, and booked the flight. I showed up on schedule today and was greeted and welcomed by the staff there immediately... no standing around here. I made a last minute check of shot lists and art direction while my pilot thoroughly checked the aircraft. Once checked and secure, the pilot, Mary, shook my hand firmly, showed me how to secure my gear (with door removed), and we were off to business. Mary piloted the craft confidently to our pre-determined location. I requested a couple circles to get the photos I was after, and Mary steered the heli in the exact directions that I needed.

All said and done, successful photos and all, when we hit the tarmac I was surprised to find that the rate came in lower than the quote they originally gave me for the flight. All of that has a very significant influence on whom I'll trust, and most certainly hire, for my next aerial assignment.

Thanks for the solid flight, and top-notch service Hillsboro Aviation!! See you again soon!!!