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Helicopter Scientific Support Helicopter Scientific Support Helicopter Scientific Support

Scientific Support

Crew and equipment are transported to remote locations using the most reliable aircraft in the industry. This enables sensor placement in inaccessible areas via precision external load work. We are also able to remove sensor stations with specially-developed tools without the need for a ground crew.

The pilots are annually inspected by the U.S. Department of Interior/U.S. Forest Service and accepted by the U.S. Department of Defense for low-level operations, external load work, operations in mountainous terrain and off-airport landings in confined areas.

The aircraft are equipped with digital FM radios which enable communication with the local dispatch center or ground crew. Additional handheld radios for the ground crew can be provided upon request, and satellite-based GPS tracking systems allow real-time flight operation monitoring via the internet. Aircraft with satellite phones can be dispatched to allow communication even in remote areas. The aircraft are also equipped with 12V/24V power outlets to support laptop computers, GPS and scientific units.

Our dedicated mechanics and parts support system ensure minimal down time during inspections or maintenance in the field.

Our late-model, four-wheel-drive fuel support vehicles extend the on-site operation time allowing for refueling in remote locations which maximizes aircraft utilization.