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Power Line Patrol Helicopter Power Line Patrol Helicopter Pipeline Support

Power Line & Pipeline

Hillsboro Aviation provides power line and pipeline support flights for all major power companies in the Pacific Northwest.

All our helicopters have outlets to support portable computers and GPS units and can provide power for extended patrol operations. Late-model, fuel service vehicles are available to support repair or construction work in the field. Cargo hooks, long lines, nets, swivels and other equipment can be provided as needed based on the specific mission.

Our aircraft are equipped with satellite tracking systems that allow the dispatch center to monitor the flight in real time via the internet. In addition, Hillsboro Aviation has satellite phones we can bring onboard to establish contact even in very remote areas.

Our power line patrol pilots must complete a training class about flying in the wire environment in addition to the annual Bell factory training and their recurrent FAA Part 135 requirements.

The helicopters we operate are meticulously maintained by our dedicated, Bell factory trained maintenance staff.