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Airplane Maintenance

Hillsboro Aviation’s airplane maintenance team continues to build on our unparalleled reputation for competence, quality workmanship and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 

We are a Cessna Authorized Service Facility (ASF) for Cessna’s single-engine piston and Caravan aircraft as well as FAA approved to perform minor to extensive maintenance on a wide variety of airplanes of nearly every make and model. If it flies, Hillsboro Aviation can almost surely and competently fix it!

Our maintenance technicians are factory trained and function under strict adherence to the regulations and processes specified in our FAA certified repair station LJER093G certification. All work is conducted in accordance with factory issued and approved service manuals for Cessna and other major aircraft manufacturers as well as being consistent with all documentation pertaining to the engines, avionics, propellers, systems and accessories. Only PMA-approved parts with clearly documented traceability will be installed on your aircraft. Your aircraft’s logbooks will be carefully reviewed and professionally updated with each service. Complete and proper documentation is an equally vital part of all service we perform. 

When you entrust the care of your aircraft to Hillsboro Aviation you can be assured it will receive the finest attention and service delivered in a timely manner at a price that reflects both quality and value. Contact us for a competitive quote.