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Safety for us, as an aviation company, has very special meaning. It is a service we provide that is intangible and takes place unseen from the customer. Safety means quality.

Safety management is the allocation of time and resources to improve processes and skills. It provides every employee with the attitude and tools needed to ensure quality while they accomplish their tasks.

Every one of our employees – pilots, managers, line service staff, dispatchers and mechanics – contribute in some way to providing a safe operation.

Our safety commitment:

  • Maintain the FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate which demands higher standards for aircraft maintenance and crew training
  • Recurring U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Operational Audits
  • Recurring pilot training with Bell Helicopter Training Academy instructors
  • Recurring pilot seminars for operations in the wire environment
  • Recurring maintenance training at the Bell Helicopter Training Academy
  • Utilize satellite-based tracking systems to monitor our flight operations in real time via the internet
  • OMNI Air Groups Safety Management System, a comprehensive computer-based tool that captures, analyzes and distributes information regarding safety-related events within the company