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Helicopter Completions

Hillsboro Aviation offers custom new and pre-owned helicopter completion services. Our professional staff can outfit your aircraft to support a multitude of operations, including executive transportation, forestry operations, airborne surveillance or any other mission requirements. Contact us today for a competitive quote.
Here are a few key benefits we provide our customers with each avionics installation:

  1. Hillsboro Aviation's partnership with Integrated Surveillance and Defense, Inc. (ISD) enhances the international installation capabilities of both companies and expands our product lines to meet any customer's specific requirements .
  2. We provide a complete set of wiring diagrams of all installed equipment and the associated interfacing with existing equipment. This is beneficial for troubleshooting issues that may occur long after the installation.

  3. We mark our wires with laser wire marking technology to coincide with the wiring diagrams. This assures no damage to wires which is common with hot stamp machines.

              Laser Wire Marker