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While financing an airplane purchase is not as simple as it once was; it is still possible. Financing an airplane is similar to financing property but with the average loan term typically being no more than 15 years. Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis in late 2008 many national lenders have become very conservative in their lending practices. However, if you have a good relationship with your local bank they may be able to provide you with better than average rates and loan terms. While Hillsboro Aviation is not in the business of selling financing, our experience has given us the tools to point you in the right direction when it comes to financing your airplane purchase. We have found the following recourses to be helpful to past customers.

                         AirFleet Capital, Inc.
                         Jim Blessing, Vice President
                         Phone: (800) 390-4324
                         E-Mail: jim@airfleetcapital.com
                         Web Site: www.airfleetcapital.com                         

                         Banterra Bank
                         David Madden
                         Phone: (888) 254-5731
                         E-Mail: DrMadden@banterra.com
                         Web Site: www.BanterraAviation.com

                         Cessna Finance Corporation
                         Chad Polman
                         Phone: (800) 851-1367
                         Web site: www.cessnafinance.com/index.shtml

                         Dorr Aviation Financing
                         Robert Howe, President
                         Phone: (800) 214-0066
                         Email: howe@dorraviation.com
                         Web site: www.dorraviation.com/matriarch/default.asp

                         Dorr Aviation Financing
                         Patrick Fallon, Loan Officer
                         Phone: (800) 214-0066
                         Email: pfallon@dorraviation.com
                         Web site: www.dorraviation.com/matriarch/default.asp

                         Key Bank N.A., Aircraft Financing
                         Vlad Parsegian, Relationship Manager
                         Phone: (503) 214-2370
                         E-mail: vlad_parsegian@keybank.com

                         Mile High Finance Corp.
                         Dan Garzelloni
                         Phone: (303) 858-1674       
                         E-Mail: dan@milehighmoney.com
                         Web Site: www.milehighmoney.com                 

                         Zook & Associates Aircraft Finance
                         Bill Horn, President
                         Phone: (877) 966-5247
                         E-mail: whorn@zookair.com
                         Web site: www.zookair.com/default.asp?page=contactus

Contact our sales staff to discuss additional financing options.