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Garmin GTS 850

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For pilots operating high-performance aircraft in busy, high-density airspace, traffic separation requires a heightened sense of situational awareness — to “see and avoid” in all 3 dimensions. Pilot alertness and vigilance are essential. But for maximum protection, nothing beats having an extra set of “electronic eyes.” That’s why Garmin developed the GTS™ family of ADS-B enhanced Traffic Advisory (TAS) and Traffic Collision Avoidance (TCAS I) Systems. Featuring Garmin’s exclusive CLEAR CAS™ technology, these attractively priced systems provide accurate, dynamic traffic surveillance — with ATC-like spoken audio alerts to help pilots quickly respond to potential flight path intrusions from other aircraft.

Product Features:

  • Uses a synthesis of both active and passive surveillance technology (including 1090 MHz ADS-B “In”) to correlate target data and pinpoint traffic threats - this hybrid active/passive surveillance is enabled with installation of a GTX 330 ES “extended squitter” Mode-S transponder (sold separately) or other complementary class of ADS-B “Out” equipment
  • With this technology, aircraft are able to automatically report and receive more stable, and more detailed, traffic data — including aircraft flight ID, GPS-based positioning, relative altitude and direction of flight
  • Tracks up to 60 traffic targets simultaneously — and depicts up to 30 intruder threats at a time, depending on the display being utilized
  • Exclusive CLEAR CAS technology provides for expanded audio messaging in an ATC-like verbal format: “Traffic. One o’clock. High (or Low or Same Altitude). Two miles
  • Recommended for today’s higher-capability cabin class turboprops and business or regional jets, the GTS 850 TCAS I offers 250 watts of nominal power output, a +/- 10,000-foot vertical separation maximum, and up to 40 nm of active interrogation range in the forward direction
  • All GTS units will operate to 55,000 feet
  • Mode-S transponder (sold separately) is required as part of the GTS 850 system installation
  • For commuter aircraft (those with 10 to 30 passenger seats), TCAS I capability is mandated by the FAA - the GTS 850 system meets these stringent TCAS I performance criteria, providing the range and response to give early warning of fast-closing aircraft in high-traffic airspace