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Garmin GTS 800

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The Garmin GTS™ family of ADS-B enhanced Traffic Advisory (TAS) and Traffic Collision Avoidance (TCAS I) Systems features Garmin CLEAR CAS™ technology and provide accurate, dynamic traffic surveillance — with ATC-like spoken audio alerts to help you quickly respond to potential flight path encroachments. The Garmin GTS 800 is an affordable choice for serious traffic surveillance. As a value-priced TAS system, the GTS 800 offers performance, utility and installation flexibility that’s ideally scaled for most single-engine piston aircraft.

Product Features:

  • ATC-like spoken audio alerts to help you quickly respond to potential flight path encroachments
  • Offers power, range and performance comparable to systems costing far more and operates to 55,000 feet
  • Can combine both active and passive surveillance technologies (including 1090 MHz ADS-B “In”) when installed with a compatible “extended squitter” Mode-S transponder such as the GTX 330 ES unit (sold separately)
  • Using this hybrid active/passive surveillance, the GTS 800 creates a 360° zone of detection around the aircraft — enabling you to see and identify other nearby transponder-equipped aircraft in time to take prompt corrective action
  • Tracks up to 60 traffic targets simultaneously — and depict up to 30 intruder threats at a time, depending on the display being utilized
  • Offers 40 watts of transmit power, a +/- 10,000-foot vertical separation maximum and a typical active interrogation range of 12 nm in the forward direction, the GTS 800 system will interface with a variety of compatible system displays in the cockpit
  • In addition to the basic TAS remote transmitter/receiver/computer LRU, GTS 800 comes standard with a single top-mounted directional antenna