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Avidyne FlightMax EX600 Multi-Function Display

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Product Features:

  • View datalink graphical weather information, seamlessly integrated with flight plan moving map, lightning, traffic and terrain display
  • Special-use and class airspaces color-keyed for added clarity and displayed at the same time as NEXRAD or weather radar for a more complete picture
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen NavData™ and an expansive North American obstacle database provide an unparalleled view of the flight environment
  • Full overlay capability allows addition or removal of traffic, lightening and radar, with 180-degree forward view and 360-degree center view maps
  • User interface improves ability to access and display critical flight data
  • Design allows user to select and display information on a single easy-to interpret integrated moving map
  • Provides easy access to radar modes, tilt control and bearing adjust
  • “Map-centric” operation displays a moving map of a flight plan along with radar and datalink weather, special-use airspace, traffic, terrain and lightening without leaving the map page