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Garmin aera 560

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Garmin’s premiere fly/drive touchscreen portable, the aera 560 combines high-resolution 9 arc-second graphics with support for XM WX™ satellite weather capabilities. It also comes with preloaded SafeTaxi® charts, AOPA Airport Directory, City Navigator® NT street mapping, and support for premium auto features.

The most feature-rich navigator in Garmin’s aera lineup, the 560 model combines a more advanced list of automotive and piloting capabilities with higher-resolution 9 arc-second terrain/obstacle graphics that yield over 11 times more onscreen resolution than the standard 30 arc-second versions.

As in all the aera models, the internal GPS updates at a rate of five times per second (5 Hz), which allows your moving map and flight data to display smoothly and continuously. And you also get full support for the latest in XM WX™ satellite weather capabilities. With coverage for the U.S. and Canada, the XM service lets you reference detailed NEXRAD imaging and METARs data, as well as current reports on precipitation, lightning, winds aloft, airport terminal forecasts and more. Weather graphics can be overlaid on your aera’s moving-map display. And for added entertainment value, your XM receiver can also be used to access over 170 channels of digital audio entertainment (XM subscription required). The GXM 40 smart antenna is included with your aera 560. And a single integrated cabling solution for power, music and datalink weather options makes for easy, clutter-free aera connectivity in your cockpit.