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PS Engineering PMA8000BT

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Product Features:

  • Audio panel with IntelliVox, utility jack, Internal Recording System (IRS), plug and play with GMA 340
  • Has Smart Function Keys (SFK) which allow pilots to customize their audio panel
  • Front-mounted, 2.5mm multipurpose jack give pilots access to their audio panel, allowing connections to cell phones, portable music devices or audio announcements directly into the audio panel
  • Six-user configurations that are front panel selectable so the pilot can tailor the audio panel functions on the fly
  • When using the jock as an entertainment input, the music is directed to the crew, and PS Engineering's patented Soft Mute functions normally and if the aircraft has a panel mounted music device and it is active, the PMA8000BT changes the front jack for advisory messages which are not muted, and presented to the crew headphones only
  • Utility jack also is a convenient way to connect your cellular telephone
  • Adds Bluetooth capability - allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect for phone operation or music streaming