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AEM AMS42F Dual Audio Controller/USFS

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Product Features: 

  • Dual Channel - Specifically designed for special mission applications, the AMS42 have dual radio controls to independently select radio transmit and receiver audio. The dual channel configuration provides independent radio control for pilot and co-pilot within the space of a single controller plus intercom support for the crew and five passengers. Each pilot can choose the communications set-up specific to their role in the mission. The pilot can be selected on COM 1 while the co-pilot transmits and receives on FM 2 for true split transmit capabilities
  • Full selection of receiver select switches are provided for each channel to further enable the pilots to remain independent from each other

  • Transmit capability for 5 COMs with “Auto-receive” function. 

  • Receiver select switches for the first 4 COMs, COM 5 is set up for auto-receive only. NAV inputs are selectable by internal dip switches

  • Intercom - An integral intercom features one of the highest headphone outputs in the industry with up to 500 mW per channel. Single channel controllers support 2 crew plus 4 passengers, dual channel controllers support 2 crew plus 5 passengers. The intercom system features NAT’s unique high performance Active Noise Filtering (ANF™) system to achieve the best possible intercommunications in noisy aircraft environments. Voice activated squelch (VOX) uses NAT’s voice-tracking circuit that combines low noise audio processing with selective voice-band squelch triggering for effective hands-free ICS operation. Dual channel controllers provide a Pilot Isolate mode to allow the pilot to separate from the intercom system for complete isolation

  • Direct Inputs - Two direct inputs accommodate functions such as Rad Alt, GPS Alerts, Low Rotor, or Telephone ringer

  • Emergency Mode - Front panel selectable emergency mode switches the pilot (and co-pilot in Dual Channel models) headphones directly to the selected radios. Mic control is maintained via the transmit select switch for each available radio