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Spidertracks S3

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Product features:

  • Rapid response - In aircraft emergencies, survivors rescued quickly have a much greater survival rate. Time is everything. The biggest problem for rescuers is the size of the search area. With high failure rates for emergency locater transmitters, rescuers often have to search the entire flight path which can take days.
  • Live flight tracking - The Spidertracks aircraft tracking and location system actively monitors every flight you make and updates your position every two minutes. So your last known location is plotted to within seconds. Spiderwatch active monitoring automatically turns on when you take off and you simply press a button to tell it you've landed safely.
  • Emergency alerts - Should the worst happen and you have an accident, the Spidertracks stops transmitting to the Web site and the system immediately sends emergency SOS messages by text and e-mail to the people you have nominated. These alerts contain your last recorded position, speed, altitude and direction. This makes the search area a matter of a few square miles - not a few thousand. Emergency services could reach you in minutes and not hours, and that might save your life.
  • Aviator Club - Only Spidertracks Aviator combines pilot safety and fun. The Aviator Club is your online logbook, flight tracking and virtual clubroom where you can share your love of flying with likeminded pilots from around the world.