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Avidyne IFD540

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The IFD540 represents the next generation in FMS/GPS/ NAV/COM systems. It provides VHF communication and SBAS/ LPV precision navigation and is designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B as part of the NextGen airspace initiative.

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Hybrid Touch: Knobs & Buttons or Touch-Screen

Avidyne's Page & Tab user interface allows you to go to any page in the system with only one or two clicks.

In addition to the dedicated knobs and buttons that many pilots prefer for frequent pilot actions, the IFD540's Hybrid Touch capability allows pilots to perform virtually all of those same functions via the touch-screen interface, as well as providing additional MultiTouch functionality like pinch-zoom, map panning and graphical flight plan editing, allowing the pilot to decide to use the MultiTouch screen, or knobs and buttons depending on the pilot’s phase of flight.

Avidyne’s unique Hybrid Touch user interface eliminates nested menus and allows pilots to view any page with only one or two clicks.

IFD-Series Buttons and Tabs

Plug & Play Replacements

IFD540 replace Garmin 530

The IFD540 is a physical plug & play replacement for the Garmin GNS530, using the existing tray and connectors, and it is compatible with all the popular interface configurations, which can greatly minimize installation costs.

Made by Pilots for Pilots

The IFD540 was designed for ease of use, especially during single-pilot IFR operations. The IFD540 provides an easy page & tab user interface, plus advanced radio management including automated NAV frequency tuning and COM frequency nomination, automatic frequency identification, easy-to-modify graphical flight planning, and Avidyne’s exclusive GeoFill™ waypoint nomination.