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PS Engineering PMA4000 TSO'd

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Product Features:

  • Audio panel with 4-place panel mounted intercom with added capability for switching two communications transceivers and navigation receivers as well as providing a speaker amplifier
  • Intercom features IntelliVox with individual volume controls for both the pilot and copilot
  • Because the pilot and copilot volume control does not affect the aircraft radio volume, balance between the intercom and radio audio is easily achieved
  • Eliminates complicated squelch adjustments and by using independent microphone circuits, unwanted noise is kept out of the audio
  • Has two switched com transceiver inputs and two switched navigation receiver inputs and there are four un-switched audio inputs that can be used for other receivers or audio warnings such as autopilot disconnect or GPS alerts
  • Built in speaker amplifier in the unit
  • Com transceiver switching is automatic so when the toggle switch microphone selector is in Com 1, the receive audio and microphone signals are both presented to the audio and push button selector controls receive audio only and is used to select multiple Com receivers
  • Provides entertainment input and when the intercom or aircraft becomes active, the music will automatically mute, allowing communications without distraction