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Product Categories - AFF/Satellite Tracking

Spidertracks Spider S2

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Product features:

  • Offers the best hardware combined with innovative software showing where your aircraft is at all times via the internet
  • First system to integrate the GPS receiver and satellite antenna in one portable palm-sized spider unit
  • 100% continuous real-time global coverage guaranteed by the Iridium satellite network
  • Real-time location and situation information overlaid on to Google Maps, accessible via the internet by any nominated user from anywhere at any time
  • Secure data stored on a 99.999% reliable server - less than six minutes unscheduled downtime a year
  • Proven to work around the world in challenging conditions
  • Two-way communication between the pilot or driver and the operations base
  • Low installation costs
  • No need for certification – can be used in almost all light aircraft or vehicles
  • Cost effective tracking for operations of all sizes
  • Automated Flight Following compliant, meeting the high standards of the U.S. Forest Service
  • Permanently stores all of your flights in a ‘virtual’ log book providing an online record that can be accessed at any time
  • Easily installed – just plug in the power, make sure the unit is pointed generally towards the sky and go online to start tracking
  • Accommodates other tracking devices