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R-22 Tuned Exhaust Kit (O-320)

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Applicability: R-22, R-22 HP, R-22 Alpha, R-22 Beta. Must have Lycoming O-320-B2C engine and large oil cooler (p/n: C649-1 or p/n: A649-2).

Installing a Power Flow tuned exhaust provides the same performance benefits as upgrading to a Beta II, at a fraction of the cost. It is true bolt-on horsepower for your O-320 powered Robinson R22 Alpha or Beta. You simply remove your old, restrictive, factory exhaust system and bolt-on a Power Flow for instant results you can see, feel and hear. You then operate your helicopter to the Beta II engine performance limitations. The same technology that has been used in race cars, motorcycles and over 3700 certified aircraft is now available for your O-320 powered R-22 helicopter.

Would you like to cruise up to 8 knots faster at the same manifold pressure? Or how about 200 – 300 foot per minute increase in climb? You can even lower fuel burn by up to 15% at your current airspeeds. Unlike the factory exhaust, the Power Flow exhaust system does not require mandatory replacement at 2200 hours. 

The  tuned exhaust system is designed to use the exhaust gases from each cylinder to help each other, rather than fighting with each other. The factory exhaust system is a very simply design with two exhaust headers entering a central muffler chamber from each side with no separation of the exhaust pulses. The pulses enter the chamber with no particular path to follow. Some leave through the tailpipe, some stay in the muffler (creating back pressure) and some even go back up the other header pipes causing further back pressure. The system specifically times each exhaust pulse to create a low pressure (suction) at the cylinder’s exhaust valve when the valve is ready to open. This empties the cylinder more completely allowing for more power to be generated. The exhaust gases then exit the tailpipe without interference from the other cylinders.

Power Flow’s “Beta II in a box” along with all of their products comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a one year / 500 hour warranty.

This system is delivered to you as a complete replacement of your factory exhaust system from the cylinders on down to the muffler (which is located in the tailpipe). It includes everything needed for installation, including a replacement Manifold Pressure Gage with Beta II limitations marked on it. The exhaust system features all new carburetor heat and cabin heating that uses your existing connections and all necessary exhaust hardware.

Power Flow has expanded to other popular Lycoming O-320 and O-360 aircraft. This includes fixed gear C177, the Grumman AA5 series, Piper PA28's, Mooney 4 cylinders, Beechcraft 19/23 series and Glastar/Sportsman experimental aircraft. Power Flow exhaust systems are made of all stainless steel components and feature slip joints for improved durability. The exhaust system is designed to require no modifications to the engine, though some aircraft models may require minor changes to the cowl. The exhaust system generally installs in less than one day.