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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Foreign Flight Training Rule

There is a rule for all people doing flight training in the U.S. All flight training students must either show proof of U.S. citizenship or follow the steps below. This procedure is for ALL non-US citizens (including those with a green card) planning to do any kind of flight training in any type of aircraft (airplane/helicopter/flight simulator) that could be used towards their initial FAA certificate (private/commercial, etc), instrument rating or multi-engine rating. The information the student gives will be used to do a background check. If, after the background check, TSA determines that the student is a risk to aviation or national security, Hillsboro Aviation must stop training the student immediately. The student’s visa will also be terminated and the student must leave the country.

These steps must be followed:

  1. Hillsboro Aviation must first be told that you plan to do your flight training at our school. TSA confirms your plans with Hillsboro Aviation before processing your file.
  2. Register at the TSA Web site at You must have your passport information (passport number, issue and expiration dates and city of issuance) to complete this step. You receive an e-mail with your user ID and password for the TSA Web site. Keep your login information for use for additional training.
  3. Enter your personal information and training information into the TSA Web site at These are the things you need to have ready:
    • Full name, including any aliases or variations in spelling; use only American letters; do not use special characters
    • Identifying information such as height, weight, hair and eye color
    • Country of birth, current country or countries of citizenship and each previous country of citizenship
    • Starting and ending dates of each citizenship
    • Current pilot certificate(s) and certificate number(s), if any
    • Passport and U.S. visa information, including all current and previous passports and U.S. visas held
    • Current address and telephone number, as well as each address held for longer than 30 days for the five years prior to the date of the application
    • Employment history, including employer contact information
    • Training information (see course identification information)
    • Dates of flight training (this can be a reasonable estimate)
  4. All of Hillsboro Aviation’s training is category three.
  5. Send a legible copy of your current passport to the TSA via uploading it to your application or sending an e-mail. Do not send it in a separate e-mail until after you have made the payment. Faxed passports will not be processed.
  7. Once HAI has validated your training request, the TSA directs you to pay a $130.00 USD fee which covers the cost of the background/security check.
  8. Check your e-mail frequently for any messages from the TSA. If something is missing or incorrect on your application, the process does not continue.
  9. After the TSA receives all of the above information, you and Hillsboro Aviation are notified that your documentation has been accepted and we can send you the necessary paperwork to get your visa. The e-mail from the TSA gives you approval to have your fingerprints taken (see number 10 below).
  10. You must have your fingerprints taken at a TSA-approved location and sent to the TSA. This needs to be done only one time, regardless of the number of times you enter the U.S. for training (as long as you use the same account each time). A representative of Hillsboro Aviation will take you to do this upon arrival in the U.S. Hillsboro Aviation charges $65.00 USD for the fingerprinting and shipping charges. If you will be in the U.S. for a short time, check for approved fingerprint collectors near you at so you can have flight approval before you arrive in the U.S.
  11. Upon arrival the school, we must take your picture and send it to the TSA.
  12. TSA notifies you and Hillsboro Aviation of flight approval once your application is complete, including your fingerprints. You can then begin flight training. If the background check determines you are a risk, flight training must stop immediately.

TSA Foreign Flight Training Rule