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Heli-Trade Inventory & STCs

Founded in 1957, Heli-Trade Corporation has been the worldwide industry leader in maximizing safety and performance for Bell 205/UH-1 helicopters. The company offered repairs and service, as well as aftermarket upgrades for the Bell 204, 205, 206 and 212 series helicopters and the T53 engine series.

Hillsboro Aviation has purchased the tooling and equipment of the Heli-Trade Corporation and is offering for sale its complete line of parts, Bell 205 fuselages and STCs. Purchasing Heli-Trade’s inventory enables Hillsboro Aviation to expand its parts sales capabilities and its support of Bell medium helicopters.

Hillsboro Aviation has stepped up to support Bell medium owners and operators through the continued sale of these parts and STCs and with our maintenance capabilities. These expanded offerings allow us to better support our Bell customers.

Inventory For Sale

  • Bell 204, 205, 212 and T53 Engine Parts
  • Bell 205 Fuselages
  • STCs
    • Centrisep Particle Separator
    • -17A or -17B Engine
    • 212 Rotor Blades
    • -17A or -17B Engine/212 Rotor Blades
    • -17A or -17B Engine/212-9 PAX
    • T53-HC Engine Wash Kit
    • EGT/MGT Indicator (Cycle Counter)
    • Dual Electric Boost Pump
    • Manual Start Fuel Switch
    • Vertical Reference Door
    • Left Hand Pilot-In-Command

Parts sales: Tyler Sharp
STCs: Paul Karren