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Fuel Services


Hillsboro Aviation is the only Avfuel dealer on the airport, with Avfuel AvTrip points (Jet-A and 100LL fuels). We carry unleaded fuel when available and non-leaded aviation fuel is coming soon. With 36 years of aviation exprience, we will make the best recommendation for your aircraft.

Click here for current retail prices. Learn more about incentives for opening a fuel account with Hillsboro Aviation. 

View the KHIO airport diagram to see our location.

NO RAMP OR FACILITY FEES! AVTRIP points for Avfuel customers.

Contact Fuel and Line Services:

  • Main Office       (503) 648-2831
  • Toll Free           (800) 891-3790
  • Fax                   (503) 648-1886
  • Unicom             122.85

Hours of Operation:

  • 8 am - 6 pm
  • Available 24 hours upon request.