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Airplane CFI Job

Airplane CFI Jobs

Hillsboro Aviation offers a dynamic work environment for those who love to fly and are looking to build hours. The weather and terrain of the Pacific Northwest provide the perfect environment in which to hone your skills, and our diverse aircraft fleet allows you the opportunity to experience a variety of aircraft all while building a significant number of flight hours.

Hillsboro Aviation has been training professional pilots since 1980 and is one of the largest flight training schools in the U.S. We have many industry connections, and our reputation for producing high-quality pilots is well known throughout the industry.

In addition to our reputation, Hillsboro Aviation offers many incentives that set us apart from other flight training schools. 

  • High flight time (as much as 1000 hours per year)
  • Large, diverse fleet
  • Free simulator time
  • Opportunity for company paid CFII and MEI upgrades
  • Aircraft (airplane and helicopter) rental, flight instruction, Garmin and pilot supply discounts
  • Actual IMC time
  • Large, onsite FAA certified maintenance and avionics staff to support flight operations
  • King Air upgrade opportunities
  • 11 multi-engine aircraft for school use
  • Spidertracks aircraft tracking system

Watch this video to learn more about what Hillsboro Aviation has to offer.

If you have any questions about Hillsboro Aviation, the position or the benefits, please contact us at (503) 648-2831 or