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Cessna T206H Airplane


Used Aircraft Market Valuation
Hillsboro Aviation maintains proficient insight into the value of pre-owned and newly manufactured helicopters throughout the globe. Give one of our Sales Managers a call to arrange for the valuation of a specific helicopter before your purchase.

Pre-purchase and Technical Evaluation Services
For those clients that are looking to acquire an aircraft, Hillsboro Aviation employs a staff of highly trained and well-experienced technicians that are available le to perform all manner of technical evaluation and pre-purchase inspections.

Worldwide Locating
Hillsboro Aviation routinely performs worldwide market research to maintain a detailed and up-to- date understanding of the worldwide marketplace. We are able to locate your next helicopter efficiently and effectively anywhere in the world. Utilizing the advantages of our worldwide market research, we can negotiate the acquisition terms, manage and coordinate all aspects of the transaction, manage transportation and shipping, perform any customization or completion, and deliver your helicopter from anywhere to anywhere in the world.