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Ryan has been studying aviation since his first airplane flight lesson in 1988. He began his career with Hillsboro Aviation in 2005 and brings over 16 years of management experience to the team. Ryan is a commercial helicopter pilot with experience in contract and charter operations and as the helicopter Chief Instructor for Hillsboro Aviation. Ryan was the school director from 2008 to 2013 and was responsible for the oversight of all flight school business. In 2013, Ryan was promoted to director of sales and service.

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John joined Hillsboro Aviation in 2013 bringing valuable aviation experience to the sales and service division. He began his career at Cessna as the regional sales manager for the Far East and Pacific. During Cessna’s absence from the single-engine piston market, John developed a dealer network for a biotechnology company before returning to aviation by founding and managing an FBO. When Cessna resumed single-engine piston production in 1996, John returned to build its sales team and global dealer network. He was then promoted to vice president for worldwide sales of Cessna’s propeller aircraft working with 120 dealers worldwide. After leaving Cessna in 2010, John managed sales, marketing and business development for Flight Design GmbH, a light sport aircraft manufacturer.  

John holds a degree in Asian studies and a master’s degree in international management and is an instrument-rated single and multi-engine private pilot.

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Tom manages the sales operations of the avionics, outside maintenance and aircraft sales departments. Tom received his A&P license in 1973 and received his inspector authorization certificate three years later. He held a number of maintenance positions, including chief inspector and director of maintenance, for certified repair stations. Tom has over 35 years in the aircraft industry, 20 of which have been in sales.

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Clint joined Hillsboro Aviation in 2013 to manage new and used turbine helicopter sales. He began his career in aviation with Southwest Airlines and later spent nine years with Bell Helicopter in a variety of roles, including commercial aircraft sales, finance, contracts and international marketing. Clint holds a helicopter Private Pilot Certificate, a business degree from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Texas Christian University.

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John is a commercially-rated airplane pilot who holds a degree in aviation maintenance. He started at Hillsboro Aviation in January of 2009 running one of our largest flight school programs and then transitioned into our sales and service division to take over management of the parts sales department. John has over 10 years of aviation management experience and is extremely focused on supporting our parts sales efforts and providing the best service to our customers.


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Tyler is Hillsboro Aviation's parts sales and support specialist. He is professional, experienced and detail oriented.  With 10 years of aircraft part and instrument sales experience, Tyler strives to fulfill each customer’s requirements and wishes for any project.  Paramount toward that objective is effective communication. With a philosophy that focuses on a can-do attitude and an extraordinarily high standard for how customers deserve to be treated, Tyler and Hillsboro Aviation are genuinely vested in the success of each project whether large or small. Tyler is dedicated to executing a seamless and positive experience every time. 

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Born and raised in New Jersey, Steve got the flying bug at 10 years old when a friend took him for a ride in his Piper Comanche. In 1974, he obtained his Private Pilot Certificate and went on to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical science and obtained his Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor certificates. After graduation, Steve started his professional career working for companies such as Aviquipo, Inc., Van Dusen Aircraft and Transaero distributing their products to a variety of aviation markets. In 1997, Steve accepted a sales position with Evergreen International Aviation and during his 16+ years with the company was promoted to VP of marketing and sales for Evergreen Trade, Inc., the asset sales arm for the Evergreen International Aviation companies.  Steve joined the parts sales department at Hillsboro Aviation in March 2014. His knowledge and experience are a great asset to our team.

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Elizabeth was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. In 2005, she moved to Portland and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Elizabeth holds a helicopter Private Pilot Certificate and is currently working on her Instrument and Commercial ratings. She started her career at Hillsboro Aviation as part of the dispatch team and then took the China program administration position before starting in the parts department. Elizabeth loves to explore the great outdoors, is working on getting her skydiving certification and currently is scuba certified. She enjoys restoring classic cars and has a love for vintage machines.

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Grant has been in the aviation industry for over 28 years and has a diverse background. He holds an A&P certification and began his career in the Marine Corps. Grant then worked for McDonnell Douglas building commercial aircraft before transitioning to TIMCO Aviation Services where he was responsible for doing heavy checks on commercial aircraft and supervising the turbo prop program. Grant then accepted a position with L-3 Communications’ vertex aerospace contract field team as a helicopter technician supporting multiple airframes and later became a technical inspector, quality manager and site manager supporting our troops in Iraq. He then worked at Evergreen Helicopters as a quality manager and as director of maintenance for its airplane contracts. In 2012, he joined Hillsboro Aviation as the chief inspector before moving to his current role as service manager. Grant is enrolled in the Embry -Riddle technical management degree program. 

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At the age of twelve, Christopher was given his first lesson on how to properly solder an electronic component in a circuit board. From there, he ventured into the field of aviation electronics known as avionics. His first two years were spent in the Army National Guard working as an avionics technician on a variety of helicopters. Then he worked in the family business as a third-generation avionics technician where he enhanced his skills for installing complex avionics systems. Christopher has over twenty years of experience integrating various avionics manufacturers' systems and working on a variety of aircraft makes and models. His goal is to provide the same expert professional service he would expect to receive if he were the customer. 

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Code started at Hillsboro Aviation in 1997 as part of our line service department and over the years has become an integral member of our staff. His experience working with our students, FBO customers and charter department as part of the line service team enables him to meet the needs of any aircraft operator in a timely and professional manner. 

Code’s aviation experience began when he served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve with a Bulk Fuel Unit in Phoenix, Arizona. Code is a veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. His passion for all things aviation is evident in his love of air shows and his collection of diecast aircraft.

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Jared has had an interest in aircraft, specifically helicopters, since he was a child flying and crashing Styrofoam and RC Model aircraft. He started taking flight lessons at 14 and recently moved to Oregon from Oklahoma to Oregon to attend Hillsboro Aviation’s flight school. Jared has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and experience working for universities, museums and other non-profit foundations. He joined the sales and service department in 2014 supporting our FBO customers and continues to fly in his free time.

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Ryan McCartney

Name: Ryan McCartney
Position: Director of Sales and Service
Phone: (503) 648-2831

About Ryan McCartney

Ryan has been studying aviation since his first airplane flight lesson in 1988. He began his career with Hillsboro Aviation in 2005 and brings over 16 years of management experience to the team. Ryan is a commercial helicopter pilot with experience in contract and charter operations and as the helicopter Chief Instructor for Hillsboro Aviation. Ryan was the school director from 2008 to 2013 and was responsible for the oversight of all flight school business. In 2013, Ryan was promoted to director of sales and service.