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New Robinson Helicopters For Sale

Robinson R44 Raven II IFR Trainer

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The R44 IFR Trainer is specifically designed for instrument flight training. Its enlarged 10-hole instrument panel accommodates all the avionics and instruments necessary to qualify and train VFR pilots for an instrument flight rating.

The R44's low operating cost allows students to complete their instrument training at only a fraction of the cost associated with larger, more expensive instrument-equipped helicopters but with the same high-quality equipment. Robinson offers a selection of the latest Garmin and King avionics.

Recommended avionics/instruments for the R44 IFR Trainer include an Artificial Horizon, Turn Coordinator, Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), Combined color GPS/COM/VOR/LOC/GS, Transponder, Marker Beacon and Digital Clock. An optional DME or ADF is also available.

Although the R44 IFR Trainer was designed for instrument flight training, it is not approved for actual IFR operations. While student pilots are flying on instruments, the instructor must act as the safety pilot and operate only under VFR conditions.

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