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New Bell Helicopters For Sale

Quite possibly the most advanced light twin IFR helicopter ever created. Incredibly fast, impeccably appointed and more spacious than any helicopter in its class. Intelligently designed and highly adaptable to address an array of individual needs. It’s how those who have arrived choose to travel.

429 Highlights:

  • Superior performance with the best speed, payload and range available in its class
  • Intermediate-class cabin at light twin price and operating cost
  • Seats 8 occupants in a variety of seating arrangements
  • Basic aircraft is single pilot, Category "A" certified
  • Open cabin and flat floor
  • Damage tolerant hub and rotor system
  • Energy attenuating seats
  • Crash worthy fuel system
  • Cabin can be quickly reconfigured for a variety of mission configurations
  • Spacious 74 cu. ft. baggage compartment with access from side (or aft with optional clamshell doors)
  • Composite tail boom, fatigue tolerant
  • Dual digital 3 axis autopilot with SCAS
  • State of the art avionics
  • Composite tailrotor-driveshaft
  • 2575 lb payload capability
  • Certified to latest airworthiness requirements (enhanced occupant safety factor)
  • Large doors and windows for easy entry + exit

Major Operational Equipment:

  • Wheel landing gear
  • Tail rotor guard
  • Aft clamshell doors
  • Cargo hook (3,000 lb capacity)
  • 600 lb retractable Human External Cargo (HEC) hoist
  • Skid mounted floatation system, certified for ditching
  • Dual pilot controls
  • Windshield wipers
  • 4th axis autopilot
  • CVR / FDR

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As the only Bell Helicopter Independent Representative in the United States, Hillsboro Aviation is proud to offer the full line of Bell helicopters. With award-winning customer service and proven operational experience, Bell Helicopter has a product to meet your mission needs.

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